For carotid and peripheral interventions, identifying
diameter, length and location of lesion is critical.

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Utilization of VesselSizer

The concentric 2mm circles of radiopaque ink on the VesselSizer are visible to both the eye and under fluoroscopy to provide a true ruler field of view, and to aid confident measurements of a blood vessel’s diameter and length, as well as assist in lesion location. VesselSizer efficiently assists in sizing selection of balloons and stents for procedures such as SFA, PTA, carotid stenting and vena cava filter placement.

VesselSizer Steps For Use

  1. Standard angiogram for preparation of intervention

  2. Place sterile VesselSizer in approximate area of interest direct on skin or drape.

    Perform angiogram.

    As needed, reposition VesselSizer to area of interest.

  3. Using calipers, measure the diameter of vessel, on the monitor.

    Place calipers over VesselSizer image on same frame to obtain the measurements of the vessel in mm(in largest diameter, to remove the parallax).

  4. Repeat step 3 for length.

  5. Using measurements wuth the VesselSizer assists in selecting interventional device: balloon, stent, atherectomy catheter.